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In 2009, there were 19,928,000 Americans over the age of six who played soccer at least once. In business as in sports there are numerous variables which ultimately effect the bottom line, or final score. Among the most important, at least to soccer players like John Stavros, are anticipation, timing and skill.

The producer and creator of Playbol anticipates that the substantial soccer participatory market indicates a substantial existing memorabilia ,merchendize,aparel lines market in the hundred of millions. He also anticipates that soccer, the most popular participatory sport in the World as we saw in with sold out stadiums and record breaking TV ratings of the 2010 World cup in South Arica, is poised for a new wave of media leading up to the next World Cup in Brazil in 2014. The Olympics will follow the World cup 2 years later in 2016. The World Cup and the Olympics are the greatest sporting events in the world. The popularity of soccer will rich high grounds as it will be staged in the Mecca of soccer Brazil. Brazil is the only nation to have won the World Cup five times. Brazil is also famous for their Lifestyle on the beach. It looks as if this is a trend that will certainly continue. Among the most visible indicators of soccer' popularity is the steady 20 year climb from the obscurity of a passionate ethnic pastime to the fastest growing sport in the world. We have over 20 million participants in the USA. and the number are growing at a very fast pace. It was a similar momentous event that started the first quiet soccer explosion 20 years ago. In the mid 1970's, the New York Cosmos, the flagship franchise of the fledging North American Soccer League, begun the developing a few significant young American players and turned millions of younger American onto soccer. Few weeks ago The Great Pele announced that he will be the President of the new birth of the Cosmos as the second team to play in the MLS New York. The Cosmos would go on to sign some of the worlds greatest players including Pele, Franz Beckenbauer, Carlos Alberto,Giorgio Chinaglia,and John Neskens. Winning back to back championships in the spot of national media and public attention, drawing sold out crowds at Giant Stadium, the Cosmos became the know sports franchise in the world. And the sport of soccer was here to stay. While the Cosmos spend millions, John Stavros built the most famous female soccer team in the World in Central park with no money at all. Even the demise of the pros in the early 80's hasn't slowed down the participatory growth of the game. Presently we have the MLS and many more leagues going very strong and again drawing sold out crowds as well as reaching high levels of press and media coverage. PMP studios feels the time feels that the in a favorable environment as the timing is so obviously right that the market couldn't be more well suited to Playbol and various other soccer themed product lines. Playbol will be supported by an agresive,active marketing strategy committed to the sport, it's participants and its future. Playbol brings to a potential investor a strong program that is completely revolutionary in sports memorabilia marketing. The producer of Playbol is confident that a partnership with us can work well to dovetail with, and maximize, existing parent company resources to help launch this property further into the Global soccer market as we enter the buildup to the World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

Dani Wilbert | Captainof Offence |

Name: Dani Wilbert
Position: ---
Place of Birth: ---
Height: ---
Weight: ---
Background: Soccer
Profession: Artist (oil painting, sculpture, mixed media)

Dani played soccer for highschool/colledge. Professional artist, lives in NY, loves PlayBol

Silvia Jankova

Name: Silvia
Position: ---
Place of Birth: ---
Height: ---
Weight: ---
Background: basketball, running, core strenghtening and weight lifting

Silvia is a Former college basketball player, basketball, runner, does core strenghtening and weight lifting, loves PlayBol

Cami Hansen

Name: Cami Hansen
Position: Position: Midfielder, winger, or striker.
Place of Birth: Ventura, CA
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 125lbs
Background: Played soccer for 10 years, basketball for a year, volleyball for 3 years, and tennis for a year.
Profession: Model


Brittany Hogan | Captain of Midfield |

Name: Brittany Hogan
Position: Striker
Place of Birth: Springfield, MA
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 118lbs
Background: Soccer, Basketball, Track and Field
Profession: Neurophysiologist, Fitness Model

Brittany started playing soccer at a very young age and dedicated the majority of her youth and adolescence to improving her game in the sport that she claims "was her whole life." "Playing soccer is all I can really remember from my childhood!" She says. Brittany set goal-scoring records throughout high school and her impressive stats led to her being recruited by a number of division 1 colleges. She ended up choosing Fordham University where she went on to play while earning her Bachelor's Degree in Biology and a minor in Psychology. After graduation, Brittany quickly landed a job as a Neurophysiologist at a neuromarketing research company. She had always had an interest in acting and modeling so she began to pursue these hobbies on the side as well. Today Brittany is still working hard and furthering her modeling career at the speed of lightning! In addition to playbol, she works as a free-lance fitness trainer and a psychology research assistant.

Lauren Bustos | Captain of Defence |

Name: Lauren Bustos
Position: Mid field/ Defense
Place of Birth: Altadena, CA
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120 lbs
Background: Elected Fordham University team captain for the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 seasons. Awarded Atlantic 10 "Most Defensive Player" (2008). Awarded "Most Valuable Player" (2008). Currently starting Stopper for Vendaval Women's Soccer Club.
Profession: Paralegal for an insurance law firm, D'amato & Lynch, LLP
Website: n/a

Dabbled around with modeling, doing such productions as Nike "Boom" commercial, featuring US women's national soccer team's goalie, Hope Solo, as well as glamor photo shoots.


Name: Viola
Position: Center Defense
Place of Birth: Witchits KS
Height: 5'10
Weight: 120lbs
Background: Dance Major, track and field, volleyball,basketball
Profession: dancer and model
Website: ---

Viola is the daughter of a minister has had a zillion jobs from car salesman to cable Installer! Viola is currently a dancer and model in NYC, specializing in lyrical,modern,and technical dance for the past 14 years. She is a former distance runner as well as volleyball and basketball player. In my spare time i love to read, write, cook and work on cars. My two favorite things todo are cook and devote my time to helping children.

Katherine Herrmann | Captain of Defence |

Name: Catherine Herrmann
Position: Right midfield
Place of Birth: La Grande, OR
Height: 5 '9
Weight: 145lbs
Background: soccer, dance, track, snowsports
Profession: teacher, opare
Website: ---

After earning her BFA degree at University of Georgia, Catherine danced with CORE Concert Dance Co. in Atlanta, traveling all over the US and to Brazil performing. She moved to New York to further her dance career and found her self learning the city life and loving exercise more than ever. Dance is still her first love but she enjoys playing with a team in playbol and rediscovering her passion for the ball.

Beverley Childs

Name: Beverley Childs
Position: ---
Place of Birth: Plymouth Montserrat
Height: 5'6"0
Weight: 130lbs
Background: Kickboxing, Martial arts grappling
Profession: Actress & Print Model

Prior to playbol I continue to work as a nurse to support my passion of being an actress. I am training as an actress and working out 3 times a week to keep in shape, for print work and modeling gigs that come up from time to time. I beleive in having discipline and putting my best forward in all I do. Always seeking opportuinity and beleive life should be lived to the fullest.

Denise Dietrichs

Name: Denise Dietrichs
Position: ---
Place of Birth: Germany
Height: 5'10
Weight: 138lb
Background: swimming, athletic
Profession: model/actress


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